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Senior Meal Site and Meals on Wheels


The Senior meal program at the Bob Chisholm Community Center is a partnership between Northwest Senior and Disability Services and the Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District. The program consists of both in-person congregate dining and meal delivery for our home-bound clients.



Seniors ages 60+ are welcome to dine in our lovely community center Monday through Friday.  Congregate dining is presented by community volunteers, with coffee and tea available starting at 11:00 a.m. and lunches available around 11:30, including dessert.  Please join us for conversation and camaraderie 🙂 


As well, a curbside pick-up service is available for seniors along Avenue B outside the kitchen.  These meals are seal-packaged and include a lunch bag with milk, bread, and dessert.  This service is well suited for seniors who are running errands in Seaside, or would like to pick-up meals for a senior family, friend or neighbor. 


For seniors that are not able to get to the mealsite, Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver hot meals every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to your home during lunchtime.  The meal is seal-packaged, kept warm, and includes a lunch bag of side items.  Also delivered is a prepared frozen meal that heats in the microwave.  Our volunteers service Seaside and Gearhart. Cannon Beach residents are served on Wednesdays. 


A weekly pick-up service is also available, where seniors can pick-up a week's worth of meals at the community center.  


There is no fee for the lunch service, and donations of $3 per meal are welcome.


For further information or any questions you may have regarding home delivery service, please call the Senior meal program at (503) 738-9323.  We suggest calling after at lunch service, around 1 p.m.

Click here for a copy of the current menu! Scroll down to "Coast Menus"

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