Aquatic Fitness

All of our Aquatic Fitness classes are included in monthly, 3-month, and annual passes as well as 10-punch cards.


To register for Fitness classes, call us at 503-738-3311 or register online.

Covid-19 Update:

Classes marked with * are temporarily cancelled due to Covid-19.


Main Lap Pool


AQUA CORE - Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 8:00am 

Challenge yourself in the deep water with sport specific movement patterns designed to increase muscle strength/endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning. It is a great compliment to those who also like to lap swim.

*AQUA FUSION - Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 9:00am

Aqua class with a "tAQUAta" Twist, designed for swimmers/non-swimmers to burn calories, improve flexibility, balance, posture, and range of motion. A cardio resistance class with high intensity intervals using the natural resistance of the water to create a total body workout.


*HIIT - Tuesday/Thursday - 9:00am

Experience the benefit of high intensity anaerobic interval bursts paired with low effort rest periods. This type of training will boost athletic performance and improve overall health/wellness utilizing both the shallow/deep ends of the pool. This class incorporates a variety of interval work sets, including Tabata.

*BOGA FIT - Monday 6:00pm, Friday 5:00pm

Boga Fit is a fitness regimen developed by combining the best aspects of key proven core movements from yoga and boot camp type workouts. The Boga Fit class provides a unique Aquatic Base that intensifies these movements, creating focus on core muscle groups and improving balance and coordination.  While Boga fit provides challenges to even the most fit of individuals, the program was designed for universal scalability, making it the perfect fitness program for all levels. Amplify your fitness to the next level and leave your comfort zone behind. Challenge your foundation, balance, power and endurance with the instability of the Boga Fit Mat and the unpredictability of the water in this unique class. This Class will combine cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance into a fun total body workout.

Warm Water Pool


H2O FIT WARM - Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 12:00pm
This is a soothing variation of our H20 Fit Deep. Medium-paced, the focus is on low impact movements, stretching, toning, and relaxation while working up a sweat!


MINDFUL WATERS  - Tuesday/Thursday 8:00am

A gentle low impact aquatic exercise performing yoga poses in warm water that improves strength, static balance, and range of motion.  A stress reduction class as we explore the mind, body and emotions connection through floating relaxation exercises and meditation.

*AQUA CIRCUIT - Tuesday - 8:00am
Timed stations using a variety of equipment and exercises. This class allows you to use the water’s resistance to increase muscular strength while working to maximize your cardiovascular system. Class will begin with gentle stretching, move to a numbered station circuit then end in quiet floating relaxation.

AI-CHI - Tuesday/Thursday - 9:00am
Ai Chi is a water-based, progressive, total body strengthening program that can be helpful in improving movement efficiency of those who suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, balance deficits, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and other neurological or orthopedic problems.


*AQUA INTEGRATION - Tuesday/ Thursday - 11:00am

This class integrates a variety of aquatic exercise formats to target all areas of the body. Each class may consist of interval, Pilates, resistance and traditional aquatic exercise segments. The objective of this class is to build a stronger body with an emphasis on core strength.

ARTHRITIS EXERCISE - Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 11:00am
Arthritis Exercise is designed to reduce fatigue, pain, and stiffness, while improving mobility, muscle strength, and coordination.

*PI-YO-CHI - Saturday - 12:00pm 
This program includes the strength of Pilates, the balance of Yoga, and the energy revitalization of Ai Chi and enhances your breathing, strength, range of motion, alignment, and balance. Regular practice corrects postural alignment, increases core strength, and serenity.