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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Am I considered a Resident or Non-Resident? What are the district's boundaries?

A: A district resident is someone who pays property taxes to the Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District. The district's boundaries follow that of the Seaside School District, excluding the incorporated areas of Gearhart and Cannon Beach. Click here to see a district boundary map.

You can also look for tax payments made to SEPRD on your property tax statement that the county mails annually. If you have any questions, call one of our front desk staff at (503) 738-3311 x100. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Q: Why am I paying property taxes to you, aren't you part of the City of Seaside?

A: Short SEPRD is a Special Taxing District, not uncommon among park districts in the state of Oregon, where voters have chosen to tax themselves for the purpose of creating and maintaining aquatic and recreational services in their community. Many transit districts, public utilities, and fire departments are also Special Districts.

Q: Where can I pick up bus schedules and bus passes?

A: We are often confused with the Sunset Empire Transportation District (also a Special District by the way) since we share a similar name. We however, do not offer any transportation services. The transportation district maintains a kiosk in the Seaside Outlets where you can find schedules and passes.

Q: I looked at your boundaries and I see that I am a Non-Resident. Is there a way that I can be considered a Resident and get the discounted rate on activities and passes?

A: Great question! The answer is YES you can. We have a Guest Resident program that allows Non-Residents to pay the annual rate that a district resident would pay for property taxes based on your home's "assessed" value.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the Guest Residency program.

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