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Chalk Art Contest
July 28-29, 2023
Seaside Prom

In celebration of Seaside's historic Promenade, we are hosting our second annual Chalk Art Contest! This event is open to artists of all ages and skill levels. 

Portland artists Bev Cordova and May Wallace will be offering a class in Chalk Art on Friday, July 28 from 6-8pm at the Sunset Recreation Center, providing contestants with a chance to learn how to create chalk art using pastels. Then, on Saturday, July 29, artists will create art on the Seaside Promenade at the Turnaround starting at 9am, with judging and an awards ceremony with prizes that afternoon! 

The entrance fee for the class and contest is $35 and includes a set of pastels and other supplies to create chalk art on the Prom. Registration is open now!

This project was made possible through a grant from the Juan Young Trust.

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