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Inventoried Items 

After taking inventory at the Sunset Recreation Center, the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District will be offering surplus items for sale to the public. Sales will take place Wednesday, September 15, from 3pm to 6pm and Saturday, September 18, 10am to 12pm.


“We want to provide opportunities to the public, distributing surplus items to the community while bolstering funds for the Sunset Park and Recreation Foundation,” said Skyler Archibald, Executive Director of SEPRD. “We have seen an increased need this year for scholarships so patrons have greater access to childcare and programs like swim lessons. The sale of these items will allow us to serve more patrons.”


Surplus items being offered include student and teacher furniture such as desks, tables, chairs, whiteboards, and lockers; novels; classroom equipment; drums; youth guitars; a telescope;  file cabinets, bookshelves and other storage furniture;  and equipment from the woodshop housed at the former middle school. Members of the public will enter the Sunset Recreation Center at the northwest entrance and will need to haul purchased items themselves.


SEPRD staff will be available to assist customers purchasing surplus goods. Among them will be Sunset Pool lifeguard Everett Rollins, who will be a senior at Seaside High School this year. Rollins will be helping organize this sale benefiting the Foundation as his Pacifica project. “I enjoy helping my community as a lifeguard, and this is a way for me to help the public in another way.”

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