Planning resources


SEPRD has been exploring multiple avenues to expand space over the past decade. We have assembled here multiple resources that may be of interest to citizens, including information that current SERPD Board and staff have drawn upon for analyzing and strategizing about the Broadway property.

2019 BMS Master Plan

Created in 2019, this plan was used during the initial consideration of purchasing the Broadway Middle School. Includes background information and SEPRD history, projected revenue, market analysis summary, strategy, and options.

Plat Map

Building Floorplan

Inspection Report

Past Community Surveys

SDAO Full Faith & Credit Note Financing Illustration

Outlines funding scenarios through the SDAO

Broadway Middle School Photos

BMS Package: Popkin/Norris & Stevens

The information packet provided by the real estate company representing the Seaside School District (seller of Broadway Middle School)

2017 Feasibility Study

Produced by OPSIS for SEPRD in advance of the 2018 bond presented to voters for renovation and expansion of existing facilities.


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