Swim Schedule
The number of swim lanes open is only a guideline. The actual number of available lanes may vary throughout the day. More than one swimmer may swim in each lane during lap swim times. The District does not restrict the number of lap swimmers that may enter the water. Lifeguards will facilitate circle swimming or request patrons to move to another lane to improve flow. Swimmers are encouraged to ask guards for assistance if help is needed.

The hot tub is available during operational hours with the exception of Fridays from 7:00-9:00pm. In accordance with District policy, those ages 6-14 may use the hot tub only when accompanied by a parent or guardian ages 18 or older. Use of the hot tub by those ages 5 and under is not allowed.

All swim schedules are subject to change at any time. We try to keep this site updated as often as possible, however, last minute rentals or program substitutions may not be reflected here. For the most accurate information, please contact front desk staff at (503) 738-3311 extension 100 or select option 1 at the main menu.

*PLEASE NOTE: Please refer to our Schedule Changes page for future schedule change information.

Pool Schedule Fall

LAP SWIM - Just want the simple joy of swimming laps? Sunset Pool staff strive to provide maximal lap time for swimmers throughout the day, so that you can come and swim when your schedule allows.
Lap Swims are covered under the General admission pricing and all membership passes.
See schedule above for times and number of lanes available.

OPEN SWIM - Kids eager to make a splash? Looking to practice your cannonball technique? Bring your friends or family to our open swim times and enjoy the simple pleasures of aquatic recreation. 
RockíníSwim is a crowd favorite, with a combination of music, fun, and games with a splash. Come enjoy the water with friends and family as the facility comes to life on these nights! Look for RockíníSwim from 7-9:00pm every Friday night.

ADAPTIVE SWIM - Itís a perfect setting to rehabilitate an injury, exercise at your own pace, or implement your own aquatic program or routine in the comfort of our warm pool. 
This is a great time to come in and have therapeutic time to yourself.
General Admission pricing applies and is also included with all of our membership passes.

FAMILY SWIM - Family Swim times are great for families to spend quality time together in the comfort of our warm water pool. 
Unlike open swims where all pools are open to all ages, family swims allow moms, dads and their kids time in our warm pool to exercise, do some water yoga, toss a ball around, or just have fun splashing each other!